Visuals for music events.
Creating visual experiences is my passion.
Have a look at my latest Visuals reel 2015. Live veejay performances, 3d projection mappings and custom video content.

Chimera intro sequenceCircle of Light Festival Moscow 2014Solar Weekend 2014Latin Village 2014Loveland ADE: Diynamic showcase 2014(pictures by: Tom Doms)Groove Garden Indoor 2014Castle of Love 2014Bavaria Zo Festival 2014
Many thanks to STV-visuals

Have a look at my latest VFX reel 2015.

Netherlands Film School, AHKRed Star 3DKnights Quest 4DThe Space Between Us (2015)
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My name is Jim de Brouwer, I’m a visual artist.
I create custom video content, 3D projection mappings and creative concepts for electronic music events.

BIO: After I finished my secundary school I was accepted into the Netherlands Film Academy. During the study I worked on a number of short student film projects. For which I was responsible for tasks ranging from 3D modeling, lighting/rendering and compositing. This gave me insight into the different disciplines that operate within a film production.
In my graduation year I worked on the short film ‘The Space Between Us’, with the class of 2015 we produced this film all the way from scratch.

In the summer of 2014 I did an internship at RedStar 3d Studios (Sheffield, UK) as a lighting-, rendering- and FX-artist. My passion for electronic music brought me to Stv-Visuals (Roermond, The Netherlands) where I did an internship as a VJ. At Stv-Visuals I worked on shows like: Solar Festival, Loveland ADE: Diynamic showcase, Latin Village, Groove Garden and the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow.

In the meantime I worked on freelance base for companies like: Eyesupply, The Unit Shocwontrol, Stv-Visuals, Movares, Avery Dennison and DataXenter. Where I did projects for: Philips, Alda Events, Q-dance, Loveland, DjMag and ABN Amro.

Currently I work for Live Legends as a VFX artist. At Live Legends we do concept development and visualization, Content and show production, -Video -lighting and -set design.

If you have a specific project that you'd like to talk about, you want to meet up or you just need more information. Feel free to contact me or request for resume.

Live VJ Performances
- Live mixed video for an immersive experience. In sync with the music and in line with the surrounding.

Please drop a message if you like to have me for your next gig.

Concept Development
- I can help you with the creative decisions and take you through the design proces.
With 3d software we can visualize your stage in detail.

Video Content
- 3d Animations, Event Branding, Custom video content, Vj packs, Artist-visuals and Visual Effects.

If you have a specific project that you'd like to talk about, you want to meet up or you just need more information. Send me a message.


+31 6 27 31 12 02


Currently located in the Netherlands, Haarlem.